The Poetry Corner. Voices of Spring!

The Poetry Corner will meet at 5.30pm at Book in Bar on Friday 27th. March. We will discuss The Ode and The Sonnet with emphasis on celebrating Spring!  Please write your own special Ode to Spring or if you prefer an Ode to Nature.

An Ode is a poem written to praise a person or a place or thing so the most important part of your ode will be its theme, Spring or Nature.  Write two stanzas, four lines in each stanza so you will have an eight line poem.  You may use rhyme, try using metaphor and simile to compare your ideas.  The most important thing is to stay close to your subject and detail the elements that make your subject ie. Spring or Nature, so worthy of an Ode.

Madison Woods wrote this simple free verse ode to nature in 2014.  It is simple with ordinary, every day words and still it manages to show the beauty of nature.  We can almost feel the settling mist and the scent of fertile earth as nature embraces us with loving arms.

An Ode to Nature

I’m going out now to wander
where the knowing like to go
to immerse in folds of Earth
To feel the mist settle
the breeze caress my face
To part the moldering leaves
expose the fertile earth
To inhale the rich scent of nurture

We embrace, skin to skin
My heart swells
She draws my stress free
unburdens my soul
and gives unto the knowing
that all is well
All is well
And life goes on.