Happy Ten Years at The Poetry Corner!

Hello Poetry Friends,

Happy New Year to you all!  My resolution for 2018 is to regularly update my website.  Please feel free to visit and leave comments.

We celebrated ten years of poetry at The Poetry Corner at the December meeting.  It was a lovely evening of poetry and it was wonderful that so many members wrote a ten line poem to celebrate the occasion.  Congratulations to Liz Chevalier whose poem was the lucky recipient of a gift from The Poetry Corner.   Thank you Liz for your poem…Sandy and I appreciate your kind words.


From Ireland she comes and one word does she speak and

Ah! the brogue that you hear, is ever so sweet.

A decade has passed and we’ve come to inter-act,

It’s Friday evening, Book in Bar, with tea and expat.

S is shared  with Sheighle and Sandy, who’ve given ten years

Presenting their best, we treasure them all, at your bequest.

H is for harmony that springs from their act, choosing their poets

With flair and with tact.

E is the energy, the presenters propose,

Each session a challenge that keeps us on our toes.

I is the ideas that each of us brings,

Sheighle masterfully turns into poetical things.

G is golden moments, a sonnet, a verse for poem’s fair measure,

It’s never rehearsed.

H’s happiness found in a poetic treasure, a Shelley, a Plath

And Keat’s lines, make our pleasure.

Leprechauns, we’ve become so vocal and quick!

It’s easy to imagine, not always to say, we appreciate

Your love that you’ve shared every way.

This poem spells Sheighle and hopefully more.

Accept my attempt, I’ll not ask an encore.

Liz Chevalier.